Dawn Tomasko, Romance Novelist

The Nantucket Island Romance Series

Michael Donovan’s Story

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Next up is Michael Donovan’s story. Michael is the confident, serious CEO of Donovan Enterprises, a wildly successful family investment firm in New York. Fresh off a broken engagement, he travels to Nantucket where his parents and brother Gabriel live. When he meets his sister-in-law’s friend Allegra, he’s completely out of his element. The vivacious, energetic yoga teacher with wild red hair and bold laugh knocks his socks off.

Michael scents investment potential on Nantucket, and stays awhile to give it a test drive. After all, his family lives here now. He takes aim at Allegra’s business, confident she’ll sign on and benefit from his years of expertise. If getting close to her is a side benefit, all the better. Much to his frustration, she’ll have none of it.

Despite a difficult childhood which plagues her with nightmares, she chooses to live joyfully. Allegra is all too willing to flirt and have fun with Michael. Maybe she can even get him to loosen up, laugh, and learn how to play. When things turn hot and heavy, she will happily enjoy him for the short term, but that’s all. No one, certainly no man, will tell her how to run her business or her life.

Life doesn’t always go the way we think it will. Especially love. When the past comes back to haunt her, Allegra and Michael come out fighting. Will her past destroy her? Or will their love and passion endure?

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