Dawn Tomasko, Romance Novelist

The Nantucket Island Romance Series


Breaking Tides, Michael Donovan’s story, is nearly ready to be published. If you thought Gabe and Sara’s story sizzled, wait until you meet Michael and Allegra.

Business startup specialist Michael Donovan deliberately blew up his own life. In a single day he revamped his family’s business, broke his engagement, and took a break from New York City on Nantucket. The most appealing thing about the island is a stunning, redheaded yoga instructor. Too bad she doesn’t have a clue about how to run her business.

For Allegra Deering—yoga instructor, soap maker, and teacher of self-defense—there’s more to life than making money. After an rough childhood, Allegra is ready to seize joy with both hands. Her latest personal challenge is to get the oh-so-serious newcomer to her island to loosen up and learn to laugh.

Michael is intent on offering Allegra a business partnership, and maybe something more. Allegra is happy with an uncomplicated relationship with the deliciously sexy man, as long as he understands she’s never going to let anyone control her life. But when Allegra’s past threatens, each will have to decide who they truly trust if they’re ever going to have a future together.

For Sara Shepard, it’s time to break out of the neat, tidy—and confining—box her life has become. With her long marriage at a disastrous end, Sara seeks solace and a new direction on historic Nantucket. Dear friends offer the perfect solution: a low rent beach cottage in exchange for renovation work. She can rebuild the cottage while she reinvents her life. Even better, the offer comes with an unbelievably hot carpenter to help with the work.

 Gabe Donovan’s former life on Wall Street never gave him the satisfaction that working with his hands as a restoration specialist does. His attraction to Sara is immediate and sizzling. She’s feisty and stubborn, and while he respects her need for independence, he wants a deeper relationship. But Sara’s fear of being vulnerable again pushes Gabe to an ultimatum: go all in, or not at all.

 Sara’s rough past holds her firmly in its grip. But when a horrific accident threatens Sara’s hard-won independence, she must decide:  finally let go of the past or risk losing the man who’s offered her a wild and beautiful future.