Dawn Tomasko, Romance Novelist

The Nantucket Island Romance Series

About Me

I’ve always loved language, reading and writing. Some years ago, a special aunt suggested I try my hand at writing books, and something clicked. That was a turning point and the start of an exciting journey.

After a summer without a computer, I finally have a new one and the finishing touches are going on Breaking Tides. After a soon-to-come visit to Nantucket, I’ll have beautiful pictures to share with you.

RWA, Romance Writers of America, is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping authors network, learn, and advance their careers. I’ve been a member for a long time and admireĀ members who freely give of their time, knowledge and advice for writers at all levels of their careers. I’m proud to be a member and thank RWA for being a strong advocate for authors.

With Bella Andre at the New England writer’s conference