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I hope this year has started out great for you. Right now, it’s a busy time for me as I prepare to work with my first editor. With Breaking Tides, Book 2 in the Nantucket Romance Series coming soon, I want it to be as perfect as it can be. I’m also going to put both books into print, a first for me, so that’s another mountain to climb in my journey to take my writing career to the next level. My plan is to get the print books into libraries, and in bookstores.

I’m also working with a web designer and we’ll be launching a new website on WordPress. This is very exciting and I can’t wait to see her beautiful work. Another huge plus? The site will work on mobile devices. Admittedly, the site I have now looks best on a laptop, and not the best on mobile. I want to fix that issue as soon as possible. When we roll out the new site, you’ll be able to see the brand new Breaking Tides cover!

On a personal note, I’m struggling with one of my children’s decisions in life. She’s twenty, and I totally respect her views and need for independence. After all that’s how I raised her. The hard part is right now, that independence includes cutting us out of her life. I won’t pretend to understand it. We tell her we love her and are always there for her, but it isn’t making an impact.

This reminds me of Sara and her daughter Bree in my first book Tides of Hope. Their struggles are the real ones we all deal with in life. Loving our children wildly and with all our hearts, watching them grow with bittersweet pride and a sense of loss at the end of their childhood. Waiting with breaths held as they mature and become who they want to be. Find their own happiness, in whatever ways mean the most to them. Wanting so much to continue to be in their lives in an active way.

What could be better than to laugh at the crowded dinner table, hike in the woods for a Christmas tree with your children and their children? Hold their precious babies close and feel a love like nothing you ever imagined? Keeping hope is the best I can do. Family matters. People matter. Love conquers all. Some days are easy, and some so difficult they take your breath away.

These are the things I strive to bring to my books, and I hope they touch your life in a personal way.

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